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Last updated
5. November 2003

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December 2000

The 1st shots...

See the screenshots of MidiMountainWelcome to the homepage of THE MIDI sequencer for Linux. Developed for handling standard MIDI files.


The new version of MidiMountain 0.4.0 is almost ready for beta release. What is NEW? EVERYTHING! Here some of the key features:

- Fully cross platform Linux/Windows. Thanks to Kylix/Delphi
- Built-in Unicode Internationalization, translate one text file your self...
- Advanced Track handling with Colors, Device Mapping, multi selects...
- Super fast event list. Displays 100'000 events in less than 1 second
- Automatic scrolling while playback
- SysEx support with Manufacturer name
- Smooth flicker free new graphics
- ... and much more

Check out details about the implementation here.

Big thanks to Ben for joining the team!

Thanks and Greetings :)
Adrian Meyer

Current Version: 0.3.0 (still)

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