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Unit MCSequence


MIDI Sequence
These classes holds a whole MIDI sequence saved in a MID file. It uses the TMCBase class to fire events on the property setters. The structure used for the mid file is: TMCSequence->TMCTrack->TMCEvent.

Classes, Interfaces and Objects

Class TMCSequence MIDI Sequence
This class contains a complete sequence stored in a mid file.

Functions and Procedures


function Sequence: TMCSequence;


function Sequence: TMCSequence;

access to global sequence


TMidiFileType MIDI file types
TMidiMeasureBeatTick time measure in measure/beat/ticks


cDefaultCopyrightNotice Default copyright notice of sequence
cDefaultDeltaTimesType Default delta times type of sequence
cDefaultFileType Default file type of sequence
cDefaultName Default sequence name
cDefaultSMPTEOffset Default SMPTE offset of sequence
cDefaultUse14BitController Default "use" 14 bit controller of sequence
cDefaultUseNoteOff Default "use" note off of sequence
cDefaultUseRunningStatus Default "use" running status of sequence
cErrorFileType Error not a correct mid file
cMeasureBeatTick Measure-beat-ticks string
cMidiFileTypes MIDI file type names
cTime time format
MM_SequenceBase MIDI message: base for all TMCSequence messages
MM_SequenceChangedChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's change flag changed
MM_SequenceClear MIDI message: TMCSequence was cleared
MM_SequenceCopyrightNoticeChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's copyright notice changed
MM_SequenceDeltaTimesTypeChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's delta times type changed
MM_SequenceFileNameChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's file name changed
MM_SequenceFileTypeChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's file type changed
MM_SequenceLoadingFile MIDI message: TMCSequence is loading a file
MM_SequenceLoadingFileDone MIDI message: TMCSequence is loading a file
MM_SequenceNameChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's name changed
MM_SequencePositionChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's playback position changed
MM_SequenceSavingFile MIDI message: TMCSequence is saving to a mid file
MM_SequenceSelectionEndChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's selection end changed
MM_SequenceSelectionStartChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's selection start changed
MM_SequenceSMPTEOffsetChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's SMPTE offset changed
MM_SequenceUse14BitControllerChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's flag to use 14 bit controllers changed
MM_SequenceUseNoteOffChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's "use note off instead of note on with velocity 0" changed
MM_SequenceUseRunningStatusChanged MIDI message: the TMCSequence's running status changed


Adrian Meyer

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