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Unit MCDevices


MIDI Devices
These classes build the access to the MIDI device drivers and MIDI hardware. For each operasting system a class needs to be inherited from TMCDevices.

Classes, Interfaces and Objects

Class TMCDevice MIDI Device
Base class for a MIDI device
Class TMCDevices MIDI Devices
Class building the interface to the midi input and output device drivers of the OS
Class TMCInputDevice MIDI Input Device
Class that holds information about one input device
Class TMCOutputDevice MIDI Output Device
Class that hols all information about one output device
Class TMCOutputMap MIDI Mapper Output
this class maps a port number (order in Offset) to a device.

Functions and Procedures


function Devices: TMCDevices;


function Devices: TMCDevices;

access to global midi devices


TMCInputDeviceClass input device type class
TMCOutputDeviceClass output device type class


MM_InputDeviceBase MIDI message: base for all TMCInputDevice messages
MM_InputDeviceClose MIDI message: a TMCInputDevice's was closed
MM_InputDeviceCreated MIDI message: a TMCInputDevice was created
MM_InputDeviceDestroying MIDI message: a TMCInputDevice is beeing destroyed
MM_InputDeviceNameChanged MIDI message: the TMCInputDevice's name has changed
MM_InputDeviceOffsetChanged MIDI message: a TMCInputDevice's offset changed
MM_InputDeviceOpen MIDI message: a TMCInputDevice's was opened
MM_OutputDeviceBase MIDI message: base for all TMCOutputDevice messages
MM_OutputDeviceClose MIDI message: a TMCOutputDevice's was closed
MM_OutputDeviceCreated MIDI message: a TMCOutputDevice was created
MM_OutputDeviceDestroying MIDI message: a TMCOutputDevice is beeing destroyed
MM_OutputDeviceNameChanged MIDI message: the TMCOutputDevice's name has changed
MM_OutputDeviceOffsetChanged MIDI message: a TMCOutputDevice's offset changed
MM_OutputDeviceOpen MIDI message: a TMCOutputDevice's was opened
MM_OutputDeviceSend MIDI message: TMCOutputDevice send data to the device
MM_OutputMapBase MIDI message: base for all TMCOutputMap messages
MM_OutputMapCreated MIDI message: a TMCOutputMap was created
MM_OutputMapDestroying MIDI message: a TMCOutputMap is beeing destroyed
MM_OutputMapDeviceChanged MIDI message: a TMCOutputMap's output device changed
MM_OutputMapNameChanged MIDI message: the TMCOutputMap's name has changed
MM_OutputMapOffsetChanged MIDI message: a TMCOutputMap's offset changed


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