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MCBase MIDI Base Class
These classes hold a messaging system. This allows the using party to subscribe to a message when something happens in a class. The same messaging system is also used to create a log.
MCClasses MIDI Classes
Collection of MIDI classes. TMCMarker, TMCTempo, TMCLyric,...
MCDevices MIDI Devices
These classes build the access to the MIDI device drivers and MIDI hardware. For each operasting system a class needs to be inherited from TMCDevices.
MCDevicesWin32 MIDI Devices Windows
Windows 32 MIDI device access through MMSYSTEM
MCEvent MIDI Event
Class for one midi event. The events are collected in a list belonging to the TMCTrack class
MCList MIDI Item Lists
This unit contains everything needed to handle lists of midi classes
MCMidiText MIDI Text Constants
This class contains all the text needed with MIDI.
MCPlayback MIDI Playback
classes to control midi playback
MCPlaybackWin32 MIDI Playback Windows
Playback class for Windows using it's multimedia timers
MCSequence MIDI Sequence
These classes holds a whole MIDI sequence saved in a MID file. It uses the TMCBase class to fire events on the property setters. The structure used for the mid file is: TMCSequence->TMCTrack->TMCEvent.
MCTrack MIDI Track
Class for a midi track. There is no "master" track. the data in the master track is in the sequence class
MMCompMeasureBeatTick MidiMountain Component for Measure Beat Tick
component handling entry of measure, beat and ticks
MMCompPositionBar MidiMountain Component Position Bar
Bar showing the position within the sequence inclusing time signatures and markers.
MMCompRangeEdit MidiMountain Component Range Edit
Spin edit control with a slider bar
MMCompRegister MidiMountain Compnent Registration
Register all the MidiMountain components
MMDataModule MidiMountain Data Module
MidiMountain data module containing the global data. Sequence, Conf-File,...
MMFormAbout MidiMountain About
Information about the version of MidiMountain
MMFormBase MidiMountain Base Form
This base form contains translation finctionality
MMFormBaseList MidiMountain Base Form for Lists
This class is the base class to all list views
MMFormBaseProperties MidiMountain Base Form for Property Dialogs
This base class holds the common stuff for property dialogs
MMFormConsole MidiMountain Console Window
This window displays the messages from the sequencer
MMFormCuePointProperties MidiMountain Cue Point Properties
View of one cue point
MMFormCuePoints MidiMountain Cue Points
View of cue points
MMFormDisplay MidiMountain Sequence Display
Form containing all the display components for the secuence
MMFormEventList MidiMountain Events
View of Events
MMFormEventProperties MidiMountain MIDI Event Properties
View of one MIDI event
MMFormKeySignatureProperties MidiMountain Key Signatures Properties
View of one Key signature
MMFormKeySignatures MidiMountain Key Signatures
View of key signatures
MMFormMain MidiMountain Main Form
Main form for MidiMountain containing the file and track handling
MMFormMainView MidiMountain Main View
Main view of all the tracks in pretty color
MMFormMarkerProperties MidiMountain Cue Point Properties
View of one cue point
MMFormMarkers MidiMountain Markers
View of markers
MMFormPreferences MidiMountain Preferences Dialog
Dialog to change sequencer preferences
MMFormSequenceProperties MidiMountain Sequence Properties
View of one the sequence properties
MMFormSystemExclusiveProperties MidiMountain Cue Point Properties
View of one cue point
MMFormSystemExclusives MidiMountain System Exclusives
View of system exclusive data
MMFormTimeSignatureProperties MidiMountain Time Signatures Properties
View of one time signature
MMFormTimeSignatures MidiMountain Time Signatures
View of time signatures
MMFormTrackProperties MidiMountain Track Properties
View of one the Track properties
MMTranslate MidiMountain Translation
unit with translation functions
MMTypes MidiMountain Types
Types, text and functions to handle all GUI types
MMUtils MidiMountain Utilities
Unit holding global utility functions and procedures
UniClasses Unicode Classes
Classes supporting with WideString
UniIniFiles Unicode Ini File
Ini file class supporting Unicode text file format
UniStrUtils Unicode String Utilities
String functions to manipulate WideStrings

MidiMountain 0.4.0 1999-2002 Adrian Meyer, developed with Delphi and Kylix

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