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PUCS2 UniStrUtils  
PUCS4 UniStrUtils UTF conversion schemes (UCS) data types
TColor MCTrack Track color used in GUI
TFormClass MMFormBaseList Class type for property forms
TItemClass MCList Class type for items in list
TMCInputDeviceClass MCDevices input device type class
TMCOutputDeviceClass MCDevices output device type class
TMidiFileType MCSequence MIDI file types
TMidiMeasureBeatTick MCSequence time measure in measure/beat/ticks
TMidiMessage MCBase MIDI message number
TMidiOffset MCList Offset in ticks from the begining of the sequence
TOnKeySignatureClick MMCompPositionBar a key signature was clicked
TOnMarkerClick MMCompPositionBar a marker was clicked
TOnMeasureClick MMCompPositionBar a measure was clicked
TOnMidiMessage MCBase MIDI message callback
TOnPagePositionChanged MMCompPositionBar the page position changed
TOnTimeSignatureClick MMCompPositionBar a time signature was clicked
TOperationType MMCompPositionBar type of the mouse operation when it is down
TRegionType MMCompPositionBar type of the mouse region on the position bar
TSnapState MMDataModule snap state of midi mountain. There is only one global state
TToolbarType MMTypes MidiMountain toolbar types
TUNumber UniStrUtils result type for number retrival functions
TWideStringItem UniClasses  
TWideStringItemList UniClasses  
UCS2 UniStrUtils  
UCS4 UniStrUtils  
UTF16 UniStrUtils  
UTF32 UniStrUtils  
UTF7 UniStrUtils Unicode transformation formats (UTF) data types
UTF8 UniStrUtils  

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