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ApplyFont MMTranslate set all the fonts in a form
BreakToWidth UniStrUtils break a string at a preferred position into lines
ChangeColorBrightness MMUtils change the brightness of a color with a factor. 1=same, 0.9 darker, 1.1 ligher
CodeBlockFromChar UniStrUtils function CodePageFromLocale(Language: LCID): Integer;
ColorToStr MMUtils convert a Borland TColor to a HTML color #000000
Devices MCDevices access to global midi devices
DumpLanguageFile MMTranslate dump everything into a language file. If existing append new entries
GetFont MMTranslate  
GetToolbarType MMTypes MidiMountain toolbar type locating function
InflateRect MMUtils inflate a rectangle by n pixels
InitEnglish MMTranslate initialize the a translation list with english
LoadTranslation MMTranslate load a translation file and initialize the internal lists
MidiText MCMidiText create the global MIDI text object
Playback MCPlayback access to global playback
Register MMCompRegister register the MidiMountain components
Register QMWLabelTable  
Sequence MCSequence access to global sequence
SetEnable MMUtils enable/disable a win control. enable color=window, disable color=button face
SetFont MMTranslate  
SetParents MMUtils set all the parents to aDest of the controls in the source
SetupFont MMTranslate setup a font with the current settings
StrAllocW UniStrUtils Allocates a buffer for a null-terminated wide string and returns a pointer to the first character of the string.
StrBufSizeW UniStrUtils Returns max number of wide characters that can be stored in a buffer allocated by StrAllocW.
StrCatW UniStrUtils appends a copy of Source to the end of Dest and returns the concatenated string
StrCompW UniStrUtils compares Str1 to Str2 (binary comparation)
StrCopyW UniStrUtils copies Source to Dest and returns Dest
StrDisposeW UniStrUtils releases a string allocated with StrNew.
StrECopyW UniStrUtils copies Source to Dest and returns a pointer to the null character ending the string
StrEndW UniStrUtils returns a pointer to the end of a null terminated string
StrICompW UniStrUtils compares Str1 to Str2 without case sensitivity (binary comparation)
StrLCatW UniStrUtils appends a specified maximum number of WideCharacters to string
StrLCompW UniStrUtils compares a specified maximum number of charaters in two strings
StrLCopyW UniStrUtils copies a specified maximum number of characters from Source to Dest
StrLenW UniStrUtils returns number of characters in a string excluding the null terminator
StrLICompW UniStrUtils compares strings up to a specified maximum number of characters, not case sensitive
StrLowerW UniStrUtils converts Str to lower case and returns it
StrMoveW UniStrUtils Copies the specified number of characters to the destination string and returns Dest also as result. Dest must have enough room to store at least Count characters.
StrNewW UniStrUtils Duplicates the given string (if not nil) and returns the address of the new string.
StrNScanW UniStrUtils determines where (in S1) the first time one of the characters of S2 appear. The result is the length of a string part of S1 where none of the characters of S2 do appear (not counting the trailing #0 and starting with position 0 in S1).
StrPCopyW UniStrUtils copies a Pascal-style string to a null-terminated wide string
StrPLCopyW UniStrUtils copies characters from a Pascal-style string into a null-terminated wide string
StrPosW UniStrUtils returns a pointer to the first occurance of SubStr in Str
StrRNScanW UniStrUtils This function does the same as StrRNScanW but uses S1 in reverse order. This means S1 points to the last character of a string, is traveresed reversely and terminates with a starting #0. This is useful for parsing strings stored in reversed macro buffers etc.
StrRScanW UniStrUtils returns a pointer to the last occurance of Chr in Str
StrScanW UniStrUtils returns a pointer to first occurrence of a specified character in a string
StrSwapByteOrder UniStrUtils exchanges in each character of the given string the low order and high order byte to go from LSB to MSB and vice versa. EAX contains address of string
StrTitleW UniStrUtils converts Str to title case and returns it
StrToColor MMUtils convert a HTML color to a Borland TColor
StrUpperW UniStrUtils converts Str to upper case and returns it
Trans MMTranslate get the text of an id in the current language
UnicodeGetDigit UniStrUtils low level character routines
UnicodeGetNumber UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsAlpha UniStrUtils character test routines
UnicodeIsAlphaNum UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsBlank UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsClosePunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsComposite UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsConnectionPunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsControl UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsCurrency UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsDash UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsDefined UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsDigit UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsEnclosing UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsFinalPunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsFormatControl UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsGraph UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsHan UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsHangul UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsHexDigit UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsIdenifierStart UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsIdentifierPart UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsInitialPunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsIsoControl UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsLetterNumber UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsLineSeparator UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsLower UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsLTR UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsMark UniStrUtils Other character test functions
UnicodeIsMath UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsMirroring UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsModifier UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsModifierSymbol UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsNeutral UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsNonBreaking UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsNonSpacing UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsNonSpacingMark UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsNumber UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsOpenPunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsParagraphSeparator UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsPrintable UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsPrivate UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsPunctuation UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsQuotationMark UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsRTL UniStrUtils Directionality functions
UnicodeIsSeparator UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsSpace UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsSpacingMark UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsStrong UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsSurrogate UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsSymbol UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsSymmetric UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsTitle UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsUndefined UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsUpper UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsWeak UniStrUtils  
UnicodeIsWhiteSpace UniStrUtils  
UnicodeToLower UniStrUtils  
UnicodeToTitle UniStrUtils  
UnicodeToUpper UniStrUtils  
UTF8ToWideString UniStrUtils  
WideAdjustLineBreaks UniStrUtils  
WideCharPos UniStrUtils  
WideCompose UniStrUtils az
WideComposeHangul UniStrUtils  
WideCopy UniStrUtils  
WideDecompose UniStrUtils  
WideExtractQuotedStr UniStrUtils  
WideLastChar UniStrUtils  
WideLength UniStrUtils functions involving Delphi wide strings
WideLoCase UniStrUtils  
WideLowerCase UniStrUtils  
WidePos UniStrUtils  
WideQuotedStr UniStrUtils  
WideStringOfChar UniStrUtils  
WideStringToUTF8 UniStrUtils WideString Conversion routines
WideTitleCaseChar UniStrUtils  
WideTitleCaseString UniStrUtils  
WideTrim UniStrUtils  
WideTrimLeft UniStrUtils  
WideTrimRight UniStrUtils  
WideUpCase UniStrUtils  
WideUpperCase UniStrUtils  

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